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Water Bottle Dog Toy Sewing Pattern AND Tutorial

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Learn how to make a DIY water bottle dog toy with a sewing pattern and tutorial! The crinkly sound is fun for dogs, and the bottle is easily replaced!

This PDF downloadable pattern comes in only ONE SIZE and only TWO STYLES, using a hem or unhemmed fabric.

My dog loves the sound of squishing and crunching plastic water bottles. For his birthday this Spring we let him pick a toy at the pet store, and he picked a little animal that had a water bottle inside.

I realized how simple and easy it was to make a water bottle dog toy, so I created a dog bone sewing pattern and tutorial that fits a water bottle. The best part is that there's a little opening in the back so that it's easy to switch out the water bottle as needed!

If you are reusing the hem of denim jeans you don't need to finish the edges of that opening. If you are using canvas fabric you'll have to sew the hems. There are two different cutting lines so choose the right one.

If you make something using this pattern, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!