About Heather Handmade

Does it feel impossible to find time to sew?

Are you so afraid to make mistakes that you never start or finish a sewing project?

Do you long to feel creative and satisfied in your sewing practice?

I believe small sewing moments can lead to great joy.  And I believe sewing can empower you to try new things and feel happy and fulfilled!

What Satisfied Sewists are Saying About Heather Handmade

I want to thank you! My 8 year old granddaughter asked for a bucket hat and we found your pattern online. It was very easy to do. I cut it out and did the pinning for her but she was able to sew it together on her own. She was so excited at how it turned out. She is going to wear it for an end of school year event and is excited to share that she made it.          -Lisa

What a helpful thing you have created patterns for all of us who enjoy creating clothes! My most favorite part of sewing is upcycling; so satisfying!          -Darlene

So happy I found this site…I love the patterns...they are easy, and they come out beautiful.          -Michelin

Free Fabric Basket sewing Pattern

You are in the right place


  • Creating beautiful sewing projects with what you have
  • Being brave enough to sew what you were always afraid to try before
  • Learning how to fit sewing into your busy life
  • Finding inspiration for your next sewing project
  • Planning out your sewing projects AND finishing them
  • Feeling happy and fulfilled with your progress on your sewing journey

When you join the Heather Handmade community, you will learn how to find moments to sew, gain confidence to try new techniques, and feel creative and happy in the process.

Meet Heather

When I first started sewing I made a lot of mistakes, but it didn’t bother me much because I was enjoying the creative process. As I learned more I felt like I should be improving, but the projects I made were the wrong fabric, the wrong fit, the wrong style; just bad quality. I was still making mistakes, and eventually threw all those projects away. I was jealous of everyone else’s seemingly perfect projects, while I kept making items I wasn’t proud of. Sewing things that were both pretty and useful always seemed out of reach.

heather handmade sewing blogger

Determined to make projects that I loved and used, I learned to analyze my mistakes to avoid making them. I learned to use a seam ripper regularly so that I could fix problems along the way. I learned to slow down, so that I could fully enjoy both the process of sewing and the finished project. I researched fabric and patterns to understand them better.

Now I get so much enjoyment out of the whole sewing process: before, during, and after. I want to make sewing accessible for anyone who wants to learn and improve with what they have instead of it feeling out of reach.

PDF Pattern Bundle:

all the pdf patterns bundle

Get all the printable PDF sewing patterns and tutorials I have created and will create in the future! This pattern bundle has so much value!

There are 50+ PDF sewing patterns in all sorts of projects, sizes, and styles. Get patterns for the home, babies, kids, and adults, and for all seasons! I can't wait to see what you make!

What Other Sewists are Saying

Heather, thank you for this super easy, quick project! I made 15 fleece hats for friends and family for Christmas and people loved them.          -Bonnie

I really like your patterns. One of the things I enjoy is that you can start and finish a project because instructions are very good. And if all your materials are ready to go, it gets easier to finish the project and have that feeling of “I made something for myself or others”.          -Mariana

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How Can I Help You?

I’m always happy to answer your sewing questions and offer guidance where I can. Email me (blog@heatherhandmade.com) or find me in the Heather Handmade Facebook group where you can show off what you made, Youtube where I have in-depth videos for sewing projects and techniques, or Instagram where I show the personal sewing projects I’m working on.