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Upcycled Baby Shoes Pattern AND Tutorial

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I really enjoy making baby shoes. It's one of my favorite things to make for my own babies and for baby shower gifts. Baby shoes are quick to make, and I really love when little babies walk holes into the soles of the shoes.The best baby shoes to make are upcycled baby shoes with this baby shoes pattern.

This PDF downloadable pattern and the tutorial with FULL instructions. These shoes come in THREE sizes, newborn, 3-6 mos, and 6-12 mos. These shoes are crib shoes because they have soft soles. My babies wore them when they were crawling and walking. It was a great protection for their little feet. When my babies crawled the front of the shoes would eventually wear out. 

These upcycled shoes reuse the hem of pants as the casing which makes it a half hour or less sewing project! I love to use jeans that I cut into shorts, jeans that don't fit anymore, or jeans that have a hole in the hole. Use the most durable fabric you can find, like vinyl or leather, for the bottom of the shoe.

I've even used a back pocket with lots of cool embroidery stitching as the top of the shoes. It adds such a cool detail to the shoes. There are lots of pieces of the jeans that can be reused. Multiple shoes can be made out of one pair of jeans.

Upcycling saves time by reusing part of the original details. It saves money but using what you already have or thrifting things to use. Upcycling saves the environment by keeping clothing out of the landfills. It also saves memories because young family members can wear what older family members used to wear.

If you make these shoes using this tutorial, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!