Upcycled Baby Shorts and Bloomers Pattern and Tutorial

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This is a PDF downloadable pattern that comes in sizes 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, and 18 months. The bottom of the shorts are meant to be lined up with the hem of a t-shirt, dress, pants, shorts, skirt, etc. The options are unlimited. It is one digital download (1 PDF) delivered immediately.

All the instructions with pictures are included in this pattern along with the pattern. Once downloaded it can be used even when you are not connected to the internet.

This is a baby sewing pattern AND TUTORIAL. This pattern includes step-by-step instructions, full color photos, and all the pattern pieces. You can also get the free baby shorts and bloomers pattern with no instructions.

Any adult clothing with a hem can be used to make these shorts. The bloomers requires a 1/2" hem or deeper to use as a casing for the leg elastic.

If you really liked upcycling you can find the big list of all the upcycling tutorials I've created! It teaches lots of tips and tricks to upcycled your kids clothing! Upcycling is great because it saves time by reusing details, it saves money by using unwanted items, it saves the environment by keeping things out of the landfill, and it saves memories.

Share any upcycle inspired projects for your children with the hashtag #heatherhandmade!