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Free Wrap Skirt Pattern

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Make a gorgeous DIY wrap skirt with this free pattern for any size! This skirt is fast to sew because it only has one seam and a lot of bias binding. The genius overlap prevents any flashing when the crossover flips up.

This is a PDF downloadable guide with instructions for measuring, drawing the pattern piece and cutting it out, and sewing it together. There are no pictures included in the sewing instructions, but you can also read the DIY wrap skirt tutorial with images and watch the video tutorial.

This free wrap skirt pattern only has ONE SEAM to sew and then everything else is finished with a bias binding edge. It makes it fast to sew! The longest part is just drawing out the wrap skirt pattern piece to cut out.

I've also made this wrap skirt out of knit fabric and you don't have to add any bias binding so it literally is a one seam skirt! This is a great adjustable version for when you are changing sizes through different stages of womanhood. It's also a great gift since one skirt could stretch and work for lots of different sizes.

The very best part about this skirt is that if the wrap part flips up you don't flash anyone. I love the look of wrap skirts, but I always worry about it opening or flipping up. This skirt solves the problem!

A half circle skirt is one of the most flattering of any skirt. It has a simple flared shape and beautiful drape without being too full. 

To wear the skirt: Place the part of the waist with the seam on one side of your waist. Wrap each side around your body with one wrapped under the other. Wrap the skirt around until just the ties are left and then tie a small bow.