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Free Printable FAMILY Banner

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I love the curve of banners and buntings. They are especially fun when they have a cute saying and especially in brushed hand lettering. Today I'm offering you a free "FAMILY" printable banner to print and hang in your home.

When you first move into your new place, you often do not decorate right away. When you are updating or renovating, you are not putting up any pictures or art yet. Maybe you even forget to decorate for holidays. My kids love when I decorate, so they have been missing out since I started packing to move. 

This is a PDF downloadable printable that you can print as many times as you want. It has the letters of "FAMILY" in triangle guides that you cut out. It does not have hole guides, but you can punch a hole anywhere in the corner. Print the printable FAMILY banner on cardstock, cut each triangle out, and then thread each triangle on a string or ribbon. Hang it up anywhere in your home to enjoy it!

I put this up to remind myself about what is important. Remodeling my home is not as important as who is inside my home. Sometimes life in general can be really stressful, but having a little reminder about the importance of "FAMILY" is good for me to see on a daily basis. I love having a cute reminder to look at!

I really love the look of brush lettering even though I can not do it myself. I do not have the patience to learn another skill. At least I can enjoy this Printable FAMILY Banner and beautiful hand lettered letters without having to make it myself! My sister recently created an alphabet bunting that you can purchase, but I get to share a free Printable FAMILY Banner!