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Free Pencil Skirt Sewing Pattern

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Pencil skirts are my very favorite skirts to wear. They work for lots of different fitted, semi-fitted, or loose tops. It’s cool for hot days, and it’s harder for kids or the wind to lift up. Pencil skirts can be dressy made for business attire, but they can also be made very casual for a weekend look. Make your own with this free pencil skirt sewing pattern!

A knit pencil skirt is a really simple shape and with this free pencil skirt pattern, it’s really simple to sew because there’s no hem to sew! The hardest part is probably creating the pattern because it's time consuming, but it's not that challenging. You can sew yourself a custom fit pencil skirt in all your favorite colors and prints for a whole handmade wardrobe!

This is a PDF downloadable guide that will help you measure yourself, create your own pencil skirt pattern, cut it out, and sew it. The instructions for creating the pattern have graphics to guide you, but the sewing instructions have just words. If you want the sewing instructions with pictures, find the pencil skirt tutorial with all the detailed pictures to make your own skirt.

For me the most comfortable skirt to wear is a knit pencil skirt. It’s stretchy, it’s flattering, and it doesn’t blow away in the wind. I rarely wear skirts for casual days, but I do wear knit pencil skirts during the summer! It’s cool for those really, really hot days.

Enjoy your gorgeous new knit pencil skirt that was so fast to make because there was no hem! The skirt is lined with the fashion fabric for a nice fitted feel, and it hides all lines under the skirt. Pencil skirts are flattering for lots of different body shapes. Since this free pencil skirt pattern is a template made from your body measurements it will be made to fit you and your shape perfectly!