Free Chapstick Holder Keychain Pattern

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With this free chapstick holder keychain pattern, make a cute keychain to hold your lip balm or chapstick to clip onto your purse or backpack.

I live in a cold area and during the winter my lips always get chapped. It's either the harsh wind and cold temperature outside or the dry heat inside. My lips just don't stand a chance.

I hate digging through my purse to find my chapstick, or checking my pockets only to find I left it at home. And have you ever seen a chapstick go throught the washer and dryer? It's bad.

To remedy this problem I created a free chapstick holder sewing pattern that has a clip on it. It can be clipped to your keys, purse, or backpack, and now I always know where to find it!

This PDF downloadable pattern comes in only ONE SIZE. You can find the instructions for this pattern free chapstick holder keychain tutorial.