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Free Baby Bandana Bib Sewing Pattern

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 Learn how to make a baby bandana bib with a free sewing pattern. These drool baby bibs are cute to wear and easy to make.

This PDF downloadable pattern comes in only ONE SIZE and only ONE STYLE, a curved rectangle. You can find all the instructions to make the baby bandana bib pattern.

One of my babies never spit up a lot, but she was always drooling or just spitting up a little. I was constantly changing her shirts to keep her dry.

To fix the problem I made a bunch of baby bandana bibs. I loved that they were shaped like triangle scarves so they looked cute, and they kept her shirt dry. I could just switch out a couple different bibs during the day.

I've created a free sewing pattern so that you can make your own! These bibs are so fast and easy to make! I often make a bunch at once so I can add them to baby gifts!